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Proud to be a true Indonesia company, providing digital technologies and solutions to drive real time user engagement and monetization.

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    The Power of Intelligent Audience360 for Your Digital Business!

  • Increase quality ads, revenue, user engagement!

  • Be unique to your advertisers and users!


Our Purposes

Introducing TwoHello, we are the online experts specializing in monetization and know how of driving user engagement using REAL TIME cutting edge technologies that are proven globally.

Understand Your Audience

Every of your digital customer is unique! Understand what your customers’ long term and short term interest, how to serve them better; providing higher user satisfaction and in return better business for you!

Boost Reader Engagement & Loyalty

We called it “Mass Personalization”. You can now treat each customer uniquely. Pushing what’s relevant to users on a timely manner means better engagement and retention time from them. This is the key ingredient for a successful online business. We can help you build better user loyalty. Talk to us!

Increase Digital Advertising Revenue

Sick of getting low advertising margins from 3rd party network players? Not getting enough CPM rates and ads to fill your inventory? We have the know how to create an “audience selling” business model, boosting your CPM rates and bottomline. This can be either in-house ads, performance or display ads.

Get More Digital Subscriber

Converting anonymous users to registered users (paying users) are in every online business priority. The trick is having a means to understand each user type and learn from it. E.g what can you learn from your loyal users to entice new users to come back to your site? At Two Hello, we have the solution.


Most online businesses measure success based on the usual metrics of page views, CTR, unique visitors and CPM etc. At Two Hello, we provide the insight dashboard for you to understand how your content are consumed. What is the latest topics or concepts like by which user groups and how that impact your campaign planning and editorial planning? Using a content driven metrics can instantly give you a competitive advantage to challenge the main streams and provide valuable insight about your audience to your brands and partners!

Solving today’s challenges and beyond!

Our Services

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Site Personalization

Tailor your site for every single site visitor to drive higher engagement and sales conversions.

Audience Insight

Get real-time insight into how users engage with your sites and mobile apps so you can improve your site’s performance.

Data Management Platform

Gather, segment and act on user data to increase user engagement across your site and multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Content Recommendation

Content and product recommendations that match individual user interest to drive engagement and conversions.

Increased Conversions

Find out which users are most likely to buy specific products. Create high-value segments and deliver targeted promotions to increase conversions.

Targeted Advertising

Use audience data to target advertising to increase the value of every impression served.

  • Brain Storming

    We calculate what’s interesting on the web in real-time.

  • Understanding the Web

    We map all topics and interests focused on relevancy and accuracy.

  • Analyzing Content

    We crawl and index the entire internet to figure out what people are writing about.

  • Improving

    This informs the system so that it knows when it did a good job and when it did not.

We Are Professional

Ad Server
TwoHello Advertising offers the widest range of targeting capabilities on the market.
We delivers personalized content recommendations for each individual site visitor. Whether they are known or anonymous, TwoHello understands what users are interested in and brings the most engaging content forward, increasing customer loyalty and page views.
Search Engines
Good search results drive revenue and page views. We believe that search starts before a single key is pressed. The searcher’s previous page views and the context they are in are critical information. The search will also capture data which you can use to target ads, increase conversion rates and boost revenue.
Site Personalization
We enables businesses to personalize their site for every single site visitor across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. This means that the content, products and ads that are most relevant for an individual user will be brought forward, increasing engagement and conversions.

What We Offer

We have the media and technology domain. From ad server, recommendation, search engines and big data analytics. With these combined strengths and knowledge, we are better equipped to advise a holistic solution roadmap for your business; be it a news site, classifieds, eCommerce, B2B or B2C.
Ad Server90%
Search Engines100%
Site Personalization80%